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Many events in and around the EA community are run in Berkeley and might want event space. This is an announcement that there’s a venue in Berkeley, called Atlantis, that’s very well-suited to these kinds of events. It’s a former sorority house, so it fits lots of people and is zoned properly for running retreats and workshops (this is surprisingly hard zoning to get in Berkeley). You can book it here. The venue isn’t limited to “EA” events in any way (nor will those events get a discount), but it is unusually well-suited to the kinds of events EA folks seem to run, with cozy discussion spaces, whiteboards all around, and a very pleasant and productive environment.

Venue overview

  • 38 bedrooms with room to accommodate up to 80 people
  • 20,500sq. ft
  • ~4 large indoor common areas and ~2 small indoor common spaces
  • 2 large outdoor common areas, 2 small outdoor common areas
  • Commercial kitchen
  • 3 individual full bathrooms, 4 half-bathrooms, and 4 shared bathrooms (3 stalls and 3 showers each)
  • A gym
  • Furnished and stocked with events supplies
  • Contact us for a floorplan, details on rooms, etc.


Pricing is negotiable and based on what strategies makes the most revenue for the venue (not based on how much we like your event, although we really love a lot of the events that have run in this space!)

Default pricing:

  • Base fees:
  • Full Venue Use (Overnight Accommodation) 
    • $7,000 base fee for full use of the venue including all bedrooms. This is to cover staff costs and to encourage longer rental periods.
    • $5,500 per day. This is how much we need to charge in order to make back the costs of our annual rent, amortized costs of improvements we've made, and upkeep if we assume the venue is utilized ~50% of the time.
  • Venue Use (No Accommodation) 
    • 1st floor only
      • 10 - 30 people : $250/hr
      • 30 - 60 people : $350/hr
      • 60 - 100 people : $500/hr
      • max. $5,500 per day
    • 1st and 2nd floor 
      • $550/hr; max. $5,500 per day

In addition to the base fees, there are additional fees for cleaning, using our onsite consumables (e.g. personal toiletries, flipcharts, etc.) , damaging the venue, or taking up considerable amounts of staff time. We charge you whatever this ends up costing us (so if you leave the palace very messy, we’ll charge more for cleaning than if you don’t). We will ask you before making purchases for your event or having staff spend time that we’ll bill you for on your event.


Isn’t the pricing a little steep?

This space intends to break even in its pricing, and the Bay is expensive. That necessitates somewhat high prices. We realize this pricing doesn’t make sense for many kinds of events. Please let us know if the cost is prohibitive and we’ll see if we can come to an agreement. 

How does this compare to other venues in the area?

Venture retreat center

  • ~$13.6k/day (though I’ve heard different quotes from them for different events)
  • 1hr 44 min drive from Berkeley
  • Max capacity: ~42 people

Triple S Ranch

  • $850 per person for the first 13 people & $450 per person for each additional person per night for people staying in bedrooms. So $20,500/night for a standard 34 person event.
  • 1hr 23 min drive from Berkeley
  • Max capacity ~60 people

Where is it?

In Berkeley, about a 10 minute walk form UC Berkeley campus and a 10 minute walk from hikes in the Berkeley hills. It’s a 20 minute walk to the BART station/downtown. We don’t share the exact address publicly for security reasons.

When is it available?

Please fill out the inquiry form to learn about availability!


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at info@atlantisvenue.com

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