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Hi Everyone!!

I wanted to let you know that Legal Impact for Chickens is seeking an experienced litigator!

Please share widely. <3

Thank you so much!!

Legal Impact for Chickens seeks an



We’re looking for the next attorney to help build our nonprofit and fight for animals.

Want to join our team on the ground floor?


About us:

Legal Impact for Chickens (LIC) is a 501(c)(3) litigation nonprofit. We work to protect farmed animals.

LIC’s first case, a shareholder derivative suit against Costco executives for chicken neglect, appeared in The Washington Post, Fox Business, CNN Business, and beyond.

Now, we’re looking for our next hire—an entrepreneurial litigator to help fight for animals!


About you:

• 3+ years of litigation experience

• JD from an accredited law school

• Licensed and in good standing with a state bar

• Excellent analytical, writing, and verbal-communication skills 

• Zealous, creative, enthusiastic litigator

• Passion for helping farmed animals

• Interest in entering a startup nonprofit on the ground floor, and helping to build something

• Willingness to do all types of nonprofit startup work, beyond just litigation

• Strong work ethic and initiative

• Kind to our fellow humans, and excited about creating a welcoming, inclusive team


About the role:

You will be an integral part of LIC. You’ll help shape our organization’s future.

Your role will be a combination of (1) designing and pursuing creative impact litigation for animals, and (2) helping with everything else we need to do, to run this new nonprofit!

Since this is such a small organization, you’ll wear many hats: Sometimes you may wear a law-firm partner’s hat, making litigation strategy decisions or covering a hearing on your own. Sometimes you’ll wear an associate’s hat, analyzing complex and novel legal issues. Sometimes you’ll pitch in on administrative tasks, making sure a brief gets filed properly or formatting a table of authorities. Sometimes you’ll wear a start-up founder’s hat, helping plan the number of employees we need, or representing LIC at conferences. We can only promise it won’t be dull!

This job offers tremendous opportunity for advancement, in the form of helping to lead LIC as we grow. The hope is for you to become an indispensable, long-time member of our new team. 

Commitment: Full time

Location and travel: This is a remote, U.S.-based position. You must be available to travel for work as needed, since we will litigate all over the country. (Disabilities will be accommodated!)

Reports to: Alene Anello, LIC’s president 

Salary: $82,000–$100,000 depending on experience

Benefits: Health insurance, 401(k), flexible schedule 


One more thing!

LIC is an equal opportunity employer. Women and people of color are strongly encouraged to apply. Applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, age, or veteran status.


To Apply:

To apply, please email your cover letter, resume, writing sample, and three references, all combined as one PDF, to info@legalimpactforchickens.org.

Thank you for your time and your compassion!


Legal Impact for Chickens





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+1 for the pun 'Costco Shareholders Cry “Fowl” Over Chicken Neglect'

Amazing! Glad to see this team growing.

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