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  • We’re running the second year of the Atlas Fellowship, a $10k scholarship and free 11-day program for high school students from across the world. I see it as a unique opportunity for talented young people to meet intellectual peers IRL and improve their thinking.
  • The core program covers areas like epistemic rationality, markets, agency, mathematical modeling, and integrity. Electives include ML, AGI risk, game theory, ending poverty, climate change, and fun math puzzles.
  • If you’re 19 or younger and haven’t started college, you can apply here by April 30! (Late applications due May 14.)
  • If you know a promising high school student, please nominate them. If you want to help us, share a post in places where talented young people hang out, or give your personal take on why people should (or should not) apply.
  • In case you’re interested in working with us: we’re hiring!

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