Cost-effectiveness analysis for everything: Predicting the cost-effectiveness of deploying, evaluating, and developing new interventions, and beyond

The goal of this series is to outline how the methods of cost-effectiveness analysis can be extended to EA activities that are beyond the scope of the classic methods from health economics. It describes our general approach to forecasting the cost-effectiveness of EA activities, introduces a software library that makes it easy to implement this approach, and reports the results of proof-of-concept analyses of the cost-effectiveness of deploying new interventions, evaluating interventions in randomized controlled trials, improving interventions, developing new interventions, and conducting behavioral science research, respectively.

Starting on April 3, we will publish a new post every Monday until the end of the series.

We presented the key takeaways of this work in the symposium Identifying Impactful Research Topics at MetaScience 2023. A recording of the symposium is available at