Strategic Perspectives on Long-term AI Governance

The Long-term AI Governance community lacks strategic clarity. Different underlying assumptions about the technical and governance landscape, and different underlying theories of impact, lead people to value different lines of research, and recommend different sets of interventions.

There is uncertainty in the Long-term AI Governance community over (1) background assumptions and cruxes; (2) what actions to take, policies to pursue, or lines of influence to build; (3) where different perspectives strengthen or trade off against one another, and (4) the strengths and risks of each view. 

This sequence sets out 15 different strategic perspectives on long-term AI governance.  Mapping these perspectives, their recommendations, and their cruxes, can help lend greater strategic clarity, consensus, and coherence about what near-term actions to pursue in order to ensure the beneficial development and impact of TAI in the long-term.