Crucial consideration

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Suggested norm: Apply this tag only to posts that fairly directly discuss things like:

  • The concept of crucial considerations
  • Concepts explicitly and very related to that concept (e.g., the "crucial questions" concept in one of my posts)
  • How to investigate crucial considerations
  • How valuable investigating crucial considerations is
  • How the existence of crucial considerations in general should affect our behaviours

I suggest refraining from applying this tag to posts that just discuss specific examples of potential crucial considerations, how to investigate them, and how they should affect our behaviours.

I suggest this because otherwise a substantial large portion of all Forum posts could get this tag, and the tag would stop being useful.

So for example, I have not applied this tag to posts of mine that discussed how much we should focus on various types of potential moral patients or how high various existential risks might be, even though I think that those are crucial considerations.