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Thanks. I recently created a spreadsheet with a relatively exhaustive list of EA orgs, including the ones you list and many others not listed under 'Org update'. I hope to gradually move them there over the coming days.

Also, I'm happy to report that we now have Wiki articles for every single organization listed here. Most of these are just stubs, but they will be expanded over time. Special thanks to Leo, our excellent assistant, for his invaluable help with this.

HIPE, WANBAM, CEEALAR, and Legal Priorities Project may fit better under Infrastructure. And Sentience Politics under Animal Advocacy.

Thanks, I implemented all your suggestions. I also moved Sentience Institute to Animal Advocacy. Although it's not a perfect fit for that category, it's a better fit than for any of the other categories.

Any thoughts about dividing far future into AI and non-AI? Also, I'm surprised to see GPI on "Infrastructure" rather than on "Far future"

I would preserve the 'Far future' heading, and have 'AI' and 'non-AI' (or some equivalent name) as subheadings.

I agree GPI is a best fit for "Far future" (non-AI) .

Also, it seems weird to list Center for Election Science under 'far future'.

Agree - I moved it now to "others" (it seems to go well with Our World in Data, CFAR, etc ).

I also suggest that the "Far future" heading be called "The long-term future" (the relevant EA fund has already undergone that name change, and more generally "the long-term future" seems to have replaced "the far future").

Thanks. I changed "far future" to "long-term future".