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It seems I get the knack of it now... 

So your argument here is that if we are going to go this route, then interpretability technology should be used as a measure  in the future towards ensuring the safety of this agentic AI as much as they are using currently to improve their "planning capabilities"  

Can you clarify this a bit "Only if the safety/alignment work applies directly to the future maximiser AIs (for example, by allowing us to understand them) does it seem very advantageous to me."

Kind of lost here

So, it is not a question of whether or not, it is a question of how best to carry out those systemic changes. 

Thanks, this is a clarity comes knocking at the right time 

I seem a little bit off here, care a bit to expand more on your thoughts and ambit of GCR here? 

I understand the reservation about donation from AI companies cause of conflict of interest, but I still think the larger driver of this intervention area (AI Cause Area) should largely be this Company... who else got the fund that could drive it? who else get the ideological initiatives necessary for changes in this area? 

While it may be counterintuitive to have them on board, they are still the best bet for now. 

Yet to happen... The timeline is September and the application is still open. 

This is a nice read, however, in your conclusion, you asked the question "Should we lie?" Why that may seem self-explanatory and intriguing, where is the place of diplomacy in this regard? You know, as you've said your type of audience matters and others apart from your direct audience might or will see through the lies, here now lies the question, the exploration of diplomacy and frankness, can the two go pari-passu?

Mubarak from EA Nigeria, looking forward to connecting with fellow altruists in Africa. This will enable us to better put EA principles in the Africa contexts

Sorry for the late reply, we read "What We Owe The Future" by William MacAskill. Thanks you for the recommendation 

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