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I am working on communications at CRS helping to create and share new forms of content. Any questions, please reach out!


The CLR fellowship has more of a focus on specific sources of s-risk (like TAI conflictrisks from malevolent actors).

This curriculum will be broader in the sense that it will cover a wider range of perspectives, types of risk and potential interventions (the CRS S-risks: An introduction post gives a good overview).

Thanks Sam, it'll be starting on the 2nd of September (I've just updated the post, thanks for the heads up)

Some great resources here, thanks for sharing. I've recently launched a new community on reddit for anyone involved with reducing suffering in a healthy and effective way, which might also be useful.

Thanks! Sounds like an interesting idea - out of interest do you have any examples of other videos that have been created following this process? Will definitely experiment with it!