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It would be a commitment up to when you actually run the event - I'm pretty sure dates are up to the individual organisers.

You could appeal to the efficient market hypothesis to justify yourself here i reckon. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Efficient-market_hypothesis

Nice list - I'm a bit addicted to this genre, so I've grabbed a couple of those i haven't seen before.

My top 2 at the moment are "Getting Things Done" and "So Good They Can't Ignore You"

Great to hear your backstory Peter!

I find it hard to explain to others (and sometimes even hard to fully understand myself) how in some basic sense earning to give (and EA involvement more generally) is an entirely fulfilling (and in some strange way selfish) pursuit. I can't imagine I would be happier or feel like i had a richer life if I spent more money on myself. Nice how these things work out eh!

Thanks for the encouraging post Jeff. I've struggled to find ways to let my coworkers know about EA without feeling hesitant for the reasons you've pointed out above. Have started getting involved with my work's philanthropic arm, but i also feel a bit conflicted with being involved in promoting some pretty average local Australian charities (since this is what the company does currently).