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I don't expect I'll manage to rewrite this post in the way which makes everything I believe clear (and I'm not sure that would be very valuable for others if I did) 

Hey, sorry I'm in a rush and couldn't read your whole comment. I wanted to jump in anyway to clarify that you're totally right to be confused about what my claims are. I wasn't trying to make claims, really, I was channelling an emotion I had late at night into a post that I felt compelled to hit submit on. Hence: "loveletter to the demeaning occupation of desperately trying"

I really value the norms of discourse here, their carefulness, modestness, and earnestness. From the skim of your comment I'm guessing after a closer read I'd think it was a great example of that, which I appreciate.

Yeah, I'd be confused too haha. 

By the time they approved my post the time for this had come and gone, and it looks pretty silly. 

I posted this on Friday when it looked substantially less clear. The forum didn't allow the post to go out because my account is new, which makes sense as a policy but is frustrating in this instance because the post was extremely time sensitive. I would not have written over the weekend even before the FDIC announcement, because I'd guess by the time anyone saw it good companies would already have financing in place.

(there may still be some liquidity thing, I stopped following it)