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I run frequently, and it would be nice to eventually see more GiveWell-recommended charities represented at marathon events in the UK. For example, I didn't get a place through the ballot for the London Marathon, but I could still obtain a charity place. However, I don't find any of the available charities particularly appealing to fundraise for, and I wish orgs like the Against Malaria Foundation were offered instead.

I knew Marissa briefly while they were running EA Anywhere, it was one of my first points of contact with the EA community given I was living somewhere without much of an EA presence at the time. This is painful news to hear. May they rest in peace.

(I am mostly articulating feelings here. I am unsure about what I think should change). 

I am somewhat disappointed with the way Manifund has turned out. This isn't to critique the manifund team or that regranting as an idea is bad, but after a few months of excitement and momentum, things have somewhat decelerated. While you get the occasional cool projects, most of the projects on the website don't seem particularly impressive to me. I also feel like some of the regrantors seem slow to move money, but it could be that the previous problem is feeding into this. 

Hmm I’d very keen to see what an answer to this might look like. I know some people I work with are interested in making a similar kind of switch.

It might be helpful to also think of China's compute access in a world where they invade Taiwan. I don't think this should be weighed highly IMO but still seems personally useful to work through. 

I assume the actions you’ve taken can’t be shared? (No pressure if it can’t).

Small note - it seems to occasionally mess up the usernames for posts like  'EU farmed fish policy reform roadmap' and 'New probabilistic simulation tool'.

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