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Hi! This makes sense. I think the average higher tolerance of certain ideals in the UK/US and the following EA ideals still make it harder for significant groups of people to undertake the same actions which I hope EA at times can recognise.

Hi! This is a common action by many and at times me as well. I agree the disutility of conflict is perhaps not worth the gain in reduced suffering when I’ve already cut meat out of my diet ~95% of the time. Really appreciate your comment! I think it’s a hard bullet to bite and the post’s was to highlight how some actions prevalent in EA can be significantly harder for some.

Adding a comment from an exchange me and Luise had on this post.

The benefits of going to the Bay are probably also highly cause area contingent imo. For example, someone who does animal welfare I would imagine to have significantly less benefit than someone doing AI technical/community building. If the original post seems very alien to your understanding of the Bay, it may be because the benefits (especially 1, 2 and 3) simply do not exist on the scale for your cause area. I'm fairly confident on this statement.

Thank you for this! This has made me think quite seriously about getting tested and regularly so.

Defo neglected and somewhere where a lot of work can be done! I'm really happy that there are people working on this. I'm personally really unsure of the trajectory of this and any timelines but just the fact that so much research has gone into this has really made my day.


Thanks Bella.

I'm just wondering, would there be an audio description feature to make it feel more alive? Eg: If t he script calls for [manic laughter], will this be replicated or will it only be read aloud as such?


Many thanks


Hi, I can’t find any information relating to Singer in London through the linked Twitter, their website nor anywhere else online. Has anyone else found any info?

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