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A few months ago I would have applied for one of these to build a Persistent Democracy inspired system, but now I'm working on a startup!

I'd love to collaborate on an application though if someone is interested in pursuing that!

This feedback is very helpful! It's definitely become clear I've forgotten my opinion that "true democracy is an unambiguous good" isn't widely shared, and I need to better elucidate why I believe that's true. Similarly for concrete walkthroughs of how this would work.

Expect to hear from me when I have responses I'm happy with :)

I wrote up some brief notes with the time I had today, the response post will be here when it's complete: https://persistentdemocracy.org/persistent-democracy-for-the-skeptical

I think you're assuming people's evil comes entirely from within rather than interacting to a degree with bad cooperation systems, and that the evil can only be "contained" by "good rational" people. I think that's a huge moral error, but I will explain myself much more thoroughly in a followup post (I refer you to my reply to kbog's comment above)

Thank you for your feedback!

I have extremely detailed responses to all these points, and some are explored in the book, but you've helped me realize I need to surface and address the common objections much more quickly.

I also completely agree that the "problem oriented" framing is too clunky. I'll put together a more efficient overview post and get back to you!

Yeah I completely agree the disclaimer needs to be carefully worded ha. It feels like the disclaimer should err towards being a prompt about how we could be more impactful in our local community rather than simply stating that this activity isn't very impactful. I'm gravitating toward something like this:

This activity is definitely making our community better, because (whatever reason, trash or decaying buildings are bad). But effective altruism is all about finding the most impactful ways to make the world better. As you're working today be thinking about other projects we could do that would have an even better effect, and we'll discuss it today or next time.