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Please vote for Malaria Consortium.


Tab for a Cause is a browser extension that donates hearts to charity for every new tab opened while you surf the internet. It's totally free and legitimate.

In 2019, Tab for a Cause raised over $185,000 for nonprofits around the world, and over $50,000 of that was given to the 9 different charities chosen by Tabbers during our monthly Charity Spotlights.

They are holding a vote on reddit to see what charities will be included this year and Malaria Consortium is in the running! This is a wonderful opportunity.

It would be nice if you guys could reference this post in other EA groups, facebook, twitter, etc. It's really an effort-free way to advocate the vote for Malaria Consortium.

Please vote for Malaria Consortium and spread the word.

Tab 4 a cause is legitimate. You can read all about how it works here:

And you can install the extension on your browser here: https://tab.gladly.io

I have a friend who works at Apple. He is somewhat familiar with effective altruism (I've mentioned it to him before) but doesn't seem too charity-driven. What ways would you recommend approaching him with this issue? Perhaps he could spread the word there.