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Operations Manager transitioning careers into EA.


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Katie Glass is an EA Coach. I have not worked with her personally but I spoke with her about it during a 1:1 and she's lovely. 

Ops Interview Questions

I'm in a job search right now - trying to transition my established career in Ops into an EA organization focused in movement building. EA orgs have very rigorous hiring processes and ask exceptionally difficult questions. Here are some questions I have gotten in interviews with EA organizations. I'd love to hear other people's memorable interview questions.

  • What excites you about our organization's mission?
  • What is EA getting wrong?
  • If EA fails why will that be ?
  • What would your supervisor say are your best/worst qualities?
  • What do you believe to be true that is an uncommon belief in your area of expertise?
    • What information would you need to believe the opposite is true?
  • (after pontificating on a questions for admittedly too long) Can you condense that thought into a one or two sentence answer?
  • Would you change anything about the hiring process thus far?
  • What additional skills do you need to succeed?
  • Please describe a time when you changed something about your behaviour as a result of feedback that you received from others
  • What factors would you consider when drafting a high-stakes email to a key stakeholder?
  • Give an example of how you excel at one of the requirements for this positions.

EAG(x) Note-taking Template

Here is a link to the template that I used to keep myself organized during the conference. 

In addition to note-taking during sessions, I took 5 minutes after each session and 1:1 to organize my notes and thoughts on this document. Don’t trust your memory. Even the most impactful sessions and conversations will blend together after hours of learning and socializing. 

Hope this helps others make the most of the next conference.

Hi! Long time listener, first time caller. I currently work in operations in higher ed and I just know I can be doing the same exact job in the EA community and be making much more of an impact and have more of an opportunity to test my skills and grow into related fields. I actually just applied for a position at CEA which would be a dream! I'm curious if any one else from the community came into EA from student affairs or enrollment management and if so what are you doing now and how was the transition?