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Talk to me about cost benefit analysis !


Just to be clear a high percentage of them being eaten alive is an update towards their lives being better, not worse. 

What do people think about posting urban planning/yimby/ local gov policy thoughts on the forum? 

I find that stuff really interesting and admittedly don't believe it is the most important stuff to work on but is "effective altruism" if you have an extremely local moral circle.

Great work - tangential and sort of a philosophical complaint about these happiness studies, but I worry that for some % of the people getting pinged about how they feel right now, they do include a bit of the "life satisfaction" in what number they choose. I wonder if others have this same worry? I think the life satisfaction stuff is a pretty poor measurement because I think it largely just turns into a measurement of envy and jealousy.

Is suffocating or dissolving in acid worse than dying of starvation or disease?

Lots of discussion about people misinterpreting what barely worth living means on the individual utility axis, which I do think could be part of the issue. I also believe that there is a hidden assumption most people make here: that all the lives barely worth living are "similar" (or alternatively: it's easier to imagine 10000 people being similar than 10). I think there is another dimension in population utility functions that most people care about - the diversity of the world. It's easy to imagine the very good lives as a variety of distinct lives and the millions of just barely good lives all being the same sort of potato farmer. If you clarified that all of the barely worth living lives were extremely different, and gave people time to reflect on and believe that it is possible for 1 million lives to be very different, I wonder if many people would feel the conclusion is less repugnant. Whether or not having diversity be an input in your population utility function is a separate question. 

Also, I found your post about utility functions to be helpful, thanks. 

Probably many people know these and also I wouldn’t say any of them are extremely aligned but since there are no comments.

The various arpa orgs

Congressional budget office

Institute for progress

Market shaping accelerator

Ethical humanist society

Do people here think there is a correct answer to this question?

I feel this. It would be cool if you could drop a post and put a zoom link at the bottom to discuss it in like 24 or 48 hours, that way there can still be a discussion but maybe skirts around some of this obsessive forum checking ego stuff

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