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Hi! Sorry. I only just saw this. Do you think you would be able to facilitate an introduction? A lot of the time getting people's attention can be hard and we are all likely to disregard a cold email. If you are willing, please reach out to me at There are four of your charities in particular that seem like they would be most interesting for me and that I might be interesting for. 

TLDR: I am an evaluation and learning specialist focusing on impact evaluation and evidence synthesis in international development, food security, and nutrition. 

Skills and background: I have a decade of experience in international development and a PhD in nutritional epidemiology. My research focuses in efforts to make improved food security and nutrition outcomes in low- and middle-income countries. I have worked on projects ranging from maternal HIV to land tenure. 

Location/remote: Sorry, I can only do remote work, but I am willing to travel. 

Availability and type of work: I am available to start immediately, but mostly interested in consulting and part-time work. 

Resume / CV:


Other notes: I recently started a small, independent consulting firm called Food Security Evidence Brokerage. I work to help implementing organizations access or generate the information they need to make effective decisions. If you know of any organization who would be interested in my skills, I would like to connect.