Christopher Isu

Volunteer Food Rescue Manager @ No Hunger Foodbank
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I'm a serial Volunteer /Social Entrepreneur, a Higher National Diploma holder in Business Administration and Management. I'm deeply enthusiastic about social work , community development, girls child education, governance and attainment of highest good.

How others can help me

I'm looking for opportunities for scholarships programs in obtaining a second degree in Msc Social Work or related courses on humanities, animal welfare and as well as jobs openings to earn a living.

How I can help others

Reach out to me if you are in need of Volunteer (s), as, I'm always willing and eager to volunteer my time, knowledge and skills towards the attainment of highest good.


This is great!.. and one of its kind in Africa, looking forward to participating.

This is insightful.. and would really go a long way in enhancing the participation of Africans and other less represented regions in EA activities if well implemented.

"When you make a decision, be clear with yourself about which goals you’re pursuing. You don’t have to argue that your choice is the best way of improving the world if that isn’t actually the goal".

That actually sums up and as well clarified some of my uncertainties/curiosities on the application of Cost-effectiveness.

Thanks for sharing.

Our mindset really play a greater role in our judgement to issues. Thank you

Awesome. One thing is always very key to life, which is; we shouldn't trivialize every little opportunity (s) we found ourselves in making positive impacts. Thank you all @ EA team