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Thank you for the resources, Howie! Could I include your Bay Area list in a global EA mental health resource list?

Alternatively, would you be interested in expanding the existing list to global EA-recommended mental health practitioners? Or collaborating to create a separate global list?

We distributed the survey via FB groups, the EA newsletter, and individual EA groups. We asked leaders from EA groups around the globe to distribute the survey to members. Although we attempted to reach as many people as possible, it's likely that people who are interested in mental health would be more inclined to complete a mental health survey.

Yes, the validity of geographic spread is limited by the fact that respondents are volunteers. Even so, I believe it will be informative to see if and how access to resources varies in the subset of people the survey reaches. If there are significant differences based on country, for example, that could inform resource distribution in a potential intervention. Of course, it would be important to follow up to confirm that the differences present in the results are representative of the larger population.