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Is it possible that you're overestimating the strength between costs of plant based meats decreasing and consumption of plant based meats increasing? I'm sure this is true to an extent, but people like gourmet meats and organic/grassfed meats now and will pay extra for more natural products. Eg meat consumption is expensive already and many people are not choosing which meats to buy based on cost primarily.

I wonder if LTFF has tried running a Kaggle competition for grant success vs grant rejection? I think this would be quite interesting for people looking to apply for grants as we could gain some idea of the likelihood of success or failure of applications before submitting and it would allow applicants to modify the grant until it looks promising

I've always found it easy to substitute foods not replace. I tried originally going vegan by giving up all cheese but that was a huge dietary change that was not sustainable for me. I would definitely say it is now possible to keep one's current diet while replacing the animal products. Vegan meat, milk and cheese have come huge ways. I make this cheese all the time now, I like simple, unpretentious vegan food.


For supplements, I take Vitamin B12, Iron, and Omega 3. Many people are deficient in these, vegan or not. Things get a lot easier, and after I modified my existing meals it was a really easy change for me. Also I am probably healthier now without all the fat from cheese :P

Sorry typo I meant donate to animals directly.

Thanks you for this post! I am really interested in this intersection!

Let's say my cause area is helping the most animals. Is it better to donate to animals directly or AI alignment research? If the answer is AI alignment research where is the best fund to donate to?

Can we not perpetuate the idea that some vegans are 'asshole-like' just by avoiding eating animals/animal-products? I understand some vegans are less open to discussing their beliefs but I hate the idea that vegans are by default assholes as opposed to omnivores. A substantial amount of EAs are vegans and this phrasing really concerns me