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Does this address the odds and extent of cricket sentience?

I also tried and failed to find a good source to support his claim of screwworm prevalence (and would love further research).

Thanks so much for your insight!

I learned a lot although I wish i would have been more clear and asked about the tractability of alternative proteins to price parity (instead of just the tractability of "promoting" them). Because:

  • Plant-based milks are still more expensive (source) and maybe not as nutritious (e.g. less calcium, B12, etc.) so I think they (and many other existing products) may not be a reliable indicator of the potential of this field to make "conventional animal agriculture obsolete".
  • I think their potential to replace factory farming lies in the viability of them becoming more/just as cheap, tasty, nutritious as conventical animal products but I'd love to know if you (and other experts) think that's probably a pipe dream.

I'd love to be corrected if I'm wrong (although I'm sure you're very busy) and also wanted to say thanks again.

Do you think that promoting alternative proteins is (by far) the most tractable way to make conventional animal agriculture obsolete?

Do you think increasing public funding and support for alternative proteins is the most pressing challenge facing the industry?

Do you think there is expert consensus on these questions?

I liked your comment a lot, but I'm pretty sure you misunderstood a big part of the argument because there's a pretty big typo in this post.

In the original recording(4:07) Fredrich argues that advancing alternative proteins should be a significant part of longtermist thinking, but not that they're "one of the best ways at making the long-term future go well" or even "on par with AI risk or bioengineered pandemics".

But this transcript makes it seem like he is saying the opposite in the intro:

"They [alternative proteins] should be the priority..."

I think you still bring up a lot of good points though.

this idea sounds good and your website looks great (best of luck with your projects! :)

I'm happy to hear this mess has gone mostly under the radar, thanks for posting

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