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I forget what you told me in our shared car ride a few months ago about why you ended up handing off ALERT, but my naive pattern match is that you didn't do the thing cflexman suggested and that was a large factor for why it didn't work out for you. Is that right or am I off?


when we have no evidence that aligning AGIs with 'human values' would be any easier than aligning Palestinians with Israeli values, or aligning libertarian atheists with Russian Orthodox values -- or even aligning Gen Z with Gen X values?

When I ask an LLM to do something it usually outputs something that is its best attempt at being helpful. How is this not some evidence of alignment that is easier than inter-human alignment?

The eggs and milk quip might be offensive on animal welfare reasons. Eggs at least are one of the worst commonly consumed animal products according to various ameliatarian Fermi estimates.

I know of one that is less widely reported; not sure if they're counted in the two Joseph Miller knows of that are less widely reported, or if separate.

Answer by DC4

I would personally recommend waiting to sell your kidney when there is a feasible jurisdiction you can travel to that allows kidney markets (e.g. Argentina under Milei).

I recommend asking clarifying questions to reduce confusion before confidently expressing what turn out to be at least in part, spurious criticisms. I guarantee you it's not fun for the people announcing their cool new project to receive.

I feel a little alienation by the emphasis on elite education from both sides of this kind of debate. Not that there's necessarily much that can be changed there, it's probably just the nature of the game mostly. But I find a little odd that the "be more normal [with career capital]" camp presumes normal to include being in the upper middle class of the Anglo world. That's usually the sort of person making the critique. Though I could see a blue-collar worker levying it too.

And? Do you have a particular solution to guarantee pandemic prevention that deals with the specific logistical complexities inherent to the task, that can be applied to every country on Earth without being resisted?

"Step 2: Draw the rest of the owl."

I see you state your solutions will come in later posts but I think it's better to do that upfront given your rhetoric is currently not justified. Given your title I expect to see a theory of change that attempts to address the overwhelming challenges involved.

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