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I’ve been casually following the EA scene since ~2017, originally introduced to EA (I think) through the Doing Good Better book, then Tetlock’s work on forecasting, and picked up forecasting as a hobby primarily through GJOpen. I consider myself quite familiar with the forecasting sub-community of EA Twitter and have explored work or actively volunteered with EA forecasting orgs Metaculus and most recently Manifold Markets (big fan of both). I mostly keep up with EA through Twitter, the EA forum, and the 80k podcasts.

I would love to one day transition into working more directly in an EA-related field, perhaps on the priority problem of improving institutional decision making given my interest in forecasting, or in operations management. Alternatively, my tech/program management background could potentially be conducive to founding an EA project or working on AI.

When I’m not working, I’m exploring DC, visiting nearby family, traveling, listening to podcasts, forecasting/gambling/playing poker, tweaking my fantasy football teams, writing about sports analytics, or playing squash.


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“I'm not entirely sure how the MetaculusBot picked questions to replicate, but to me it doesn't necessarily look like a random sample.”

Correct! I (err…MetaculusBot) chose markets to replicate on Manifold based on personal preference, heavily anchored toward questions in the Metaculus Effective Altruism category, as well as Ukraine as it seemed to be of most interest to the community at the time.

MetaculusBot has been dormant the last few months, at least in terms of market creation, but open to requests via tagged comment on Manifold, direct message to me here on the EA Forum, or via Twitter DM @dglid.

Credit to the Manifold team for the idea and letting me manage that account.

The thing that caught my eye is the one-on-one career advice. I suppose I'm probably not the only one who submitted an application for a one-on-one session with 80,000 Hours a long time ago only to not yet have been contacted. It's understandable that given their popularity it might take them a long time to get to me or I don't meet their criteria for high-fit in one of their topic areas, so your extension of this service would be appreciated, especially for someone like me who is new to the EA space but eager to get more involved. 

An analogy (U.S.-based, forgive me) might be going to the doctor and getting seen by a PA (physician's assistant) instead of the actual doctor, which is often just as good if not better because the PA is more relatable, has more time to spend with you, and usually more recently finished schooling so are more likely to know the most up-to-date approaches.