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Yes, there is an English version but there you can't choose where money will go. 
Translation of the page should help :)

I appreciate your help, Arturo.

Regarding the earlier end of the war, not inducing more deaths, it's a tough question for me too.
Close the airspace is what we need. It will prevent many destructions and deaths. As an economist, you understand the value of preventing. But you can't donate only to missile defense (at least, I'm uninformed of such funds), so it isn't the case. But you can donate exclusively to tactical medicine if you like.

But you asked about humanitarian aid, right?
It's not about preventing, unfortunately, but there's a lot of work to do.
The most credible funds in Ukraine which raise funds for humanitarian directions are:
- President's fund United24
   - Medical aid
   - Rebuild Ukraine
- Prytula Foundation
   - Heating and communication
   - Temporary housing
   - Medical aid
   - Urgent needs of the population

I may be wrong regarding something, so you should consult with Ukrainian economists if you have connections. They understand current needs better. Thank you again🙏

Yes, thank you, Jeff. Changed it.