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According the numbers quoted ("~45 years, ~$50k income, ~$4,500 per life saved"), isn't it more like 50 lives rather than 100? In the linked GWWC article then it says $2,300 per life saved, not $4,500. I don't know which figure is correct, but it makes a difference by a factor of ~2.

I like this. Building on your idea with the yellow colour code, I think it would be good to have functionality to mark typos, with the option of providing a revision suggestion that the author can press accept or reject on. Similar to how edit suggestions work in Google Docs.

Small typo: "Furthermore, that same deworming program could give an extra year of healthy life FOR roughly $28-$70"

Document provided by MLSS:
Preparation Materials and Curriculum [public]

Regarding the prerequisites (differential calculus, linear algebra or statistics, programming) do you have any recommended resources for people who have studied these but are a bit rusty and want to revise the content before MLSS? Or a list of concepts or tasks that participants can use to check whether their understanding is at the required level? (e.g. "If you know the concepts X, Y and Z in linear algebra, and can write a program to solve task A and B, then you probably have enough background for MLSS.")