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Thank you for writing this up Stan! Hope this gets a bit more traction now - this could be a really good mechanism. A group of us are also thinking about AMC for AI Safety credts as well. If somebody is interested to collaborate on this, please get in touch.

Thank you Patrick for sharing your story. I am going through a similar journey myself as a mid-career professional. Such stories keep me motivated when it is unclear what the next steps are.

I am in a good position because I am not under the short term time pressure to figure this out. As Milli | Martin wrote I wonder how many people are burnt out in the process.

I think there would be merits to understanding how long does it take for mid-career people to find a good placement, what are the dropout rates and what could be done to shorten this timeframe possibly.

Typically at this point in life, there is more pressure both from the financial and family side to figure this out if the person is the primary earner in the given family.