Igor Ivanov

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I am a psychotherapist helping people working on AI safety https://bit.ly/igor-psych

I also organize AI safety community events in the UK


Thank you for the attitude you expressed here, although I believe that you promised me to get back in a certain time.

A part from your email from December 5
We sincerely regret the delay and assure you that we will provide you with an update within the next few days.

Your email from December 18
We expect to give a decision this week.

I provide parts of your emails because you expressed that you would rather not share everything in your other comments here.

This is more of communication issue. Any misunderstanding on my part could be resolved very quickly with proper communication from the Fund side. 

Also, while applying for grant, I outlined that I expect to start project shortly after the the deadline for getting an answer.


I wrote you a couple weeks ago about scalable mental health, and then I went silent.

I am sorry about that. I'm kinda in between projects right now and I'm waiting for things to become more certain in order to have meaningful talks about them.