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In my understanding, going from manuscript completion to publication probably takes 1-2 years. This is long enough that new developments in AI capabilities/regulations/treaties would come about, but worse, AI governance is a fast growing academic field right now. I imagine that the state-of-the-art in AI gov research/analysis frameworks could look quite different in a couple of years.

The EA Opportunities Board and Effective Thesis' database (they also have a newsletter) might be useful. I expect they're listed on 80,000 Hours so you might already know them, but if not: ERA Cambridge are accepting applications for AI governance research fellowships.

Welcome Jan! There has been work done on space risks by EAs, but I don't know if the specific risk you mention has been studied. I'd check out the Centre for Space Governance, the Space Futures Initiative (especially their research agenda) and this 80k Hours problem profile.