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I'm slightly confused with that justification by Gorsuch. Prop 8 already put forth a production ban in California, so the health interests of Californians should already be served. Prop 12 affected the health of residents in other states. 

I agree that this was clearly not about serving the interests of non-human animals, and therefore doesn't really serve as precedent for granting animals moral rights or weightage independent of voters caring about them.

Sorry, I meant number of days equivalent to pain of death (trying to convert it into the same units).

Yeah, I agree that it's very uncertain. However, I was unsure how to quantitatively measure sentience with anything other than neuron count although my range should probably be wider. Do you have any other ideas on how to quantitatively approximate sentience? What do you think the range should be?

I think that's a really interesting point. Curious as to what you think the lower bound for suffering would be assuming it could go negative (basically, if they're living net positive lives)?