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I am so happy to see this! As someone who lives in South America and sees the cultural barriers to accessing mental health, it's great to see an initiative like this! 

Thanks for this post, Will. I believe you've touched on many points that many of us have been pondering. I've translated it into Spanish, as I feel it's relevant to the entire community.

Thanks for this post. I found it incredibly insightful, especially the part discussing how crucial it is to ensure that AI goals align with human values. The risks, ranging from competitive pressures to the potential for advanced AI deception, are authentic and require immediate attention. In particular, the concept of a 'treacherous turn,' where an AI pretends to align with our goals until it gains enough power to pursue its own, is both captivating and alarming. It emphasizes the need for advancements in research on AI transparency, model honesty, and adversarial robustness.

Understanding the fast-paced and impactful nature of the AI field, I've taken the liberty to translate this critical content into Spanish to make it more accessible. In this rapidly evolving field, fostering inclusivity and accessibility of information is crucial.

Great post. As someone who's always keeping an eye on Rethink Priorities, I enjoyed learning about your journey, the bumps along the way, and the changes you're looking to make. I've taken the liberty of translating the post into  Spanish as part of my initiative to make important content more available to Spanish speakers. I think many would be interested in learning about RP and your journey as a founder. 

Hello Jesse! Great article. I felt the need to translate the article into Spanish to make it accessible for Spanish-speaking individuals! That being said, I'm from Florida, where my home has perennially battled with high humidity. Since childhood, I've dealt with allergies and frequent respiratory illnesses and even saw my mother develop rhinitis. We were under the impression that our HVAC system was functioning optimally, but after reviewing this article, I've come to understand that there's considerable scope for improvement and proactive maintenance. As you mentioned, the workforce isn't very instructed on what to do or has the best interests in installing a safe and reliable system. Thanks again for this. I learned a lot and will put it to use. 

Hey Joey! Thank you so much for this thoughtful and comprehensive piece on the complexities of starting and managing a nonprofit incubator. I think this can be very useful for Spanish speakers too. I took the liberty of translating it! Hope that's not a problem! Thanks again for this amazing piece!

Hi Richard! I truly appreciate your enlightening post! It struck me as highly informative, and I believe others will feel the same. In order to reach out to our Spanish-speaking individuals, I have proactively translated it into Spanish, as I'm sure they will also see the immense value in this information.


Thanks again!


This looks very interesting! I would love to participate and see where it goes.