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I'm a Research Fellow at the Centre for the Governance of AI (GovAI). My research aims to reduce risks from advanced AI, with a focus on AI regulation and the corporate governance of AI. I'm particularly interested in what we can learn from the banking sector to improve risk management practices at AI companies. Before joining GovAI, I have advised the UK government on AI regulation, and interned at DeepMind’s Public Policy team. I also helped found the Legal Priorities Project, and worked as a Consultant at KPMG. I'm a PhD candidate in law at Goethe University Frankfurt, hold a law degree from Heidelberg University, and have studied economics at the University of Zurich.


Update: GovAI has recently submitted comments on the Initial Draft of the NIST AI Risk Management framework: https://www.governance.ai/research-paper/submission-to-the-nist-ai-risk-management-framework.

Our key recommendations are:

  • Put more emphasis on low-probability, high-impact risks, especially catastrophic risks to society.
  • Create a new Socio-Technical Characteristic on “Misuse/Abuse”.
  • Create a new Guiding Principle on “Alignment with Human Values and Intentions”.
  • Recommend organizations set up an internal audit function to continually assess whether their AI RMF implementation has improved their ability to manage AI risks.
  • Review and update the AI RMF frequently.

And I think a few other EA-aligned orgs have also submitted comments. I expect NIST to publish all submissions soon.

Thanks for creating the tag. Sounds like a good idea!

Thanks, I'm glad you like the design and branding! The website was designed and developed by Hendrik vor dem Berge, a German user interface designer (http://www.vor-dem-berge.com/). We're also super happy with the result! OpenAI indeed served as an inspiration. We even checked with them if our design is too close, but they didn't see a problem. As you said: it's distinct enough.