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🐟 Currently working on a project funded by the EA animal welfare fund to work on fish welfare in the Mediterranean. Currently looking for new opportunities that work on reducing suffering.  I also am a research volunteer at Upstream Policies and have knowledge on deep sea mining and maritime/offshore engineering. 🐟


Absolutely! Feel free to reach out at koen@piscivita.org

Thanks for the kind comment!

To add to Ren's reply:

  • I'm also still very motivated to continue working on these topics in whatever way would be useful. And if one of those is trying to start a new charity, I'm definitely willing to give that another shot.
  • Your assessment of our co-founder dynamic sounds accurate. For the past six months, I've mostly focused on general tasks with eye towards applying my maritime engineering skills later on once we got to talking with farmers. I do think that this approach has worked well for us. Early on, we did recognize a gap in sales-oriented skills, including negotiations and legal matters, which we planned to address with external help if needed.

Hi Lucas, thanks for the kind reply! Our current project is limited to researching and gathering information. If the findings and insights we gather during the initial six months of investigation show that there are cost-effective ways for us to help out, we will consider continuing our work. What this potential future work will look like also fully depends on our findings.