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Thanks for writing this! For accountability, I'll edit this comment a week from now with an update of how it's been working so far :)

Just checked the timetable and I think some of the times are doable for me if the discussions will only be held once a week. :) I'll apply in the meantime. Thanks!

Hi! I'm interested in applying, but I'm just a little concerned about the 6-hour difference between our timezones (I'm from the Philippines) since I'll be having in-person classes around that period.  Wanted to ask if what around what time/s the discussions would likely be taking place? Thank you!

Hi, sadly just saw this post now but I'd definitely apply if you'll be hosting this program again next summer! Is there any way to get notified in case?

Thank you so much for taking the time reply! There's so many availabe resources and most advice doesn't seem to be aimed at people in my current career level, so these are really helpful in nudging me to the right direction :D 

Hi Kirsten, thank you so much for this write-up!! :D This is really the sort of guidance I've been searching for, since most advice seems to be primarily aimed at those in their mid-career or those who have already held senior positions. Will follow you on Twitter if that's okay! (Also just realized we interacted earlier today, I'm @doseofzero :> )

Hi Markus, this sounds really promising. I've been wanting to ask—does GovAI have any available opportunities for very early career EAs (e.g., in undergrad), and if not, do you plan to offer some in the future? I've been interested in AI policy/governance for a while but I'm not quite sure on where to really begin working and engaging with the field.