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Sorry it didn't work out, but congrats on getting all those meetings and thank you for trying! :) 

Thank you, that makes sense! Keen to hear what comes from it. 

This looks super cool Ren and KvPelt! Curious - do you plan to advocate for electrical stunning after the six months of investigation? I'm wondering if the theory of change would be similar to FWI and SWP, or if it's still to be determined based on this initial investigation work? 

Thanks Martin, looking forward to it! Just checking - should I eat dinner beforehand? (Is it mostly snacks?) Also, I’m allergic to nuts (except for almonds), but no problem if you’ve already bought food :)

Hi! I'm visiting from Australia and would love to meet some new people in EA Berlin. Is it ok for me to attend? :) 

I very much agree with what Kyle said. 

Please consider focusing on improving your mental health as priority, because your wellbeing matters, and you deserve to live a flourishing and joyful life. 

I also agree that IQ is not particularly important in certain jobs, and there is something impactful for everyone if you enjoy it and your heart is in the right place. 

Good luck :) 

Hi team, thanks for your amazing work. Just out of curiosity, is there any particular reason climate charities are no longer recommended?

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