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I'm really excited to read this, Teo, congratulations on publishing it. 

Have just signed up, and looking forward to it! Thanks for organising. I hadn't come across the Foresight Institute before, even though I'd heard of the concept of existential hope, so I'll take a look at some of those resources, too. 

You're welcome, thanks for taking the time to read it! 

Hi, MvK, good choice. I'm already preparing an application! Thanks. 

TLDR: Former diplomat, keen on policy, operational and executive support roles for impactful people/orgs. Especially keen on AI governance. I love to write, too.

Skills & background: I spent four years as an Australian diplomat, and served in the Middle East. I also worked on economic issues in North Asia, and political issues in the Pacific. Prior to that, I was a senior analyst for a major bank, where I gained decent SQL, Tableau, Excel and PowerBI skills. I have a Bachelor of Languages (I speak Indonesian and Persian fluently). I recently completed BlueDot Impact’s AI Safety (Governance) course, and I just started volunteering with the Shrimp Welfare Project as a researcher.

Location/remote: I live in the East Midlands in the UK. I’d prefer to work remotely, but willing to relocate (within the UK) for the right role and salary.

Availability & type of work: I’m looking for full-time paid roles, but would also consider part-time. I can start immediately.

Resume/CV/LinkedIn: [Luke Dawes] EA CV

Email/contact: DM me on the Forum, or find my email on my CV.

Other notes: Cause preference is AI governance, but also very interested (no particular order) in suffering risk, the rights of digital minds and animal welfare. 

Questions: If anyone has suggestions for opportunities I should pursue for career growth (instead of direct impact), I'd be interested in suggestions!