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Having been to two EAG’s so far, going all-out definitely feels like the correct approach. It’s such an insane opportunity, it feels wasteful not to treat it seriously. Other thoughts:

  1. It can be good to leave some time slots free to make new meeting requests. I remember during my first EAG how I pivoted on the first day of the conference from wanting to talk to one set of people to another set of people, and I was only able to follow through with that pivot because I wasn’t completely booked.

  2. I usually try to stick around for a day after the conference so I can hang out more casually with people I’ve met and to explore the city the conference is in. During both EAG’s, some of the most lastingly memorable events have taken place on the Monday after the conference. During the conference, I’m always asking myself “who am I going to hang out with on Monday?”

  3. Similarly, it can be good to have at least one evening free to walk around talking to random people. I usually have a targeted mission when I go to an EAG depending on where I am in life, but it’s good to talk to miscellaneous people about what they do. Breathe in the culture, make connections you wouldn’t expect to make. Similarly, speed meeting events can be great.

Glad you had an awesome time! Cheers!