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Founder of the Policy Entrepreneurship Network ( Formerly the manager of and The Local Effective Altruism Network.


Exciting! Congratulations and all the best, everyone!

Thank you for the question! Our plans for the next twelve months are avaialble in this section It's probable that we will publish more on that in late Q4 2020 or early Q1 2021.

Thanks for asking! Here's a list of projects that might interest you. Good luck!

Hi Aaron, I've just sent the data again. I used the email address associated with your account. Please, write us at in case you did not receive it by now.

Hi, Aaron! Thanks for raising your concern! Your profile is still here, but it hasn't been activated yet (it will become publicly accessible only after you've reset your password). About donation data, we decided to no longer keep that on the Hub, but we would be happy to try to restore your data and send it to you if that's what you'd like.

Thanks! I added both of your ideas here: Integrating our profiles with LinkedIn sounds like a low hanging fruit, so I just prioritized it for the June release:

Do you have a record of number of people registered over time?

We do have the registration dates. We'll look into making that into a report for you (

Could you please add the Alliance to Feed the Earth in Disasters (ALLFED) to the list of Organisational Affiliations?

Sure, thank you for asking (!

Thanks for raising this! We're very interested in learning about the features you find exceptionally attractive in this sense. We use this to help us keep track of such ideas: There's also a roadmap here that represents a few of our best guesses:

Thanks, Peter! We're still spreading the news of the launch. We use several channels and get a very warm response, which is wonderful!

About the accuracy of the data on personal profiles, we've emailed all of our user base asking to update and activate their profiles (all 4000+ of our users will remain hidden before that takes place). We're confident that the number of people that join us will grow steadily as we add features (you can read about our plans in here

The accuracy of the data on local groups will be assured by comparing it against the data we get from the Local Groups Survey. We work with a dedicated team at the Centre for Effective Altruism to make sure the data is clean day-to-day. We also trust that some of this responsibility will be taken from us by the Organizers. We will aim to make that easier for everyone with every future release.

I like your idea of enabling bulk messages and I posted it here Everyone can add their own ideas or vote on those that are already here. We will treat the results very seriously when prioritising.

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