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Isn't the move here something like, "If doom soon, then all pre-doom value nets to zero"?

Which tbh I'm not sure is wrong. If I expect doom tomorrow, all efforts today should be to reduce it; one night's sleep not being bitten by mosquitoes doesn't matter. Stretching this outward in time, doesn't change the calculus much for a while, maybe about a lifetime or a few lifetimes or so. And a huge chunk of xrisk is concentrated in this century.

Great suggestions, genuinely.

Now, let's count off those who are already in such situations, many of whom are at the highest levels of EA, some who have been successfully navigating all this complexity for a decade. What are their secrets? Can there, maybe, be some lessons from them that can mitigate some of the ill-effects for those who in the future are still going to inevitably find themselves there?

It's time to create separate brands for the professional and the social/personal aspects of EA.

The conflation of the two is at the source of a lot the issues, and folks should be able to opt into one and not the other.

I too agree that recording the talks is great, and affects behaviour.

One way to save costs could be to record the talks ahead of time (on Zoom). Reduce the costs of huge halls and recording infra in one go!