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Was it a mistake to start an organization like openai? People with good intentions creates a beast which they cannot uncreate. I had same feeling after watching Oppenheimer.

Just saw this on hacker news as a response to Sam Altman Exposes the Charade of AI Accountability. The damage for EA's reputation is hard to estimate but perhaps real.

I think people have yet to realize that this whole AI Safety thing is complete BS. It's just another veil, like Effective Altruism, to get good PR and build a career around. The only people who truly believe this AI safety stuff are those with no technical knowledge or expertise.

It will settle down soon enough. Not much will change as for most breaking news story. But I am thinking if I should switch to Claude.

How much credibility dose he still have left by backtracking?

Is there still anything EA community can do regarding AGI safety if full scale armed race towards AGI is coming soon with OpenAI almost surely been absorbed by Microsoft?

I live in a middle income country where most people are still relatively poor compared with people in developed world, although not as bad as the global extreme poor. So the uttermost priority for people here are to lift themselves out of poverty. When I occasionally mention that I gave money to charities, everyone thinks that I'm utterly insane. This makes me realize that EA is always going to have a limited audience, i.e., people who live in developed country who have a relatively comfortable life.

This piece on the New Republic argues that EA as a movement depends way to much on billionaire donors.


The two main things that I found useful --

  1. A wandering mind is an unhappy mind. The staring point to reduce anxiety, is to pay attention to what we actually feel what it actually feel like when we do things or thinking of things that make us anxious.
  2. Being anxious has it's reward. We may feel like we are trying to solve an issue. The way to break it, is to give a yourself "big better offer" -- curiosity about your feelings and self-love.

I am reading The Craving Mind: From Cigarettes to Smartphones to Love—Why We Get Hooked and How We Can Break Bad Habits by Judson Brewer (the guest in the show). I think chronicle anxiety is very similar to addictions and the books offers some helpful suggestion in dealing with it using mindfulness.

I have been playing with Stability Diffusion for the past week. (It's a bit addictive.) It's currently very time consuming to make photo realistic deep fake images. It probably easier to do so with photo shop. What I can see happens is that people will use Stable Diffusion to make a lot of creative images for political messages intend to attack and mock the opposite side instead of trying to mislead.

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