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We've received some EA funding, but most of our funding comes from venture capital sources

I appreciate Manifold's quantitative transparency because Manifold's qualitatively misleading. Public data may be slightly outdated but seeing ~$2.4M EA funding to Manifold for Charity and ~$2.4M EA funding and <$2M in VC funding to Manifold:
Grants are funding, and Manifold seems mostly EA-funded, even excluding Manifold for Charity

Manifold openly offered funding voting rings in their discord:

Reminded of 'harder to be kind than clever' - Bezos

"5%" is underestimating skepticism. Even those that publicized artificial intelligence risk didn't claim much higher chances:

people who donate worry far too much about transaction and overhead costs

There's balance where it's also possible to worry too little about transaction costs. 2.9% + 30¢ are common transaction processing costs for American credit cards. Encouraging debit card usage and less frequently billed subscriptions eliminate most transaction costs while avoiding the friction of switching from card processing to back account withdrawals.

Annual credit card billing saves over $15/yr over weekly credit card billing

Debit card billing saves on the fixed fee, percentage, and chargeback costs

@mikefilbey encouraging debit card use over credit card use can also decrease payment processing fees

Tangential to OP/GiveWell counterfactuals, it's worth commending Against Malaria Foundation uniquely not holding assets and seeming intent on spending all revenue:

@Larks @Ozzie Gooen @huw worked a decade in tech, and tradeoffs justifiably prevent outsourcing everything. The truism that frustratingly little commonly gets delivered for $100k felt like the original comment simply reiterating realities of the complaint. Questioning rather than defending status quo spending is still an effective altruism tenet. To clarify, I'd rather not fund anyone anywhere working on unpublished AI video games

$100k sounds like a lot to some individuals, but in practice, often buys frustratingly little when spent on western professionals

That true statement seemingly misses the forest for the trees, because money going further overseas is an effective altruism tenet:

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