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Alright... So, let's imagine, that I have a vaping habit which I may believe is not harmful at all. I have an option A, that states: "If I will believe vaping is not harmful -- I won't suffer in my future, as if I would smoke normal cigarettes". 

Then I die, respawn and have an option not to smoke/vape. However, (if I am dying with the memory) I can memorize that vaping was cool. So here I have option B, which states:"I miss the melon flavor so much...". 

Here comes the Universe and gives me the link in the youtube advertisement regarding vaping and other stuff, which, for instance, maybe this one https://vawoo.co.uk/ (random from google, not spam, sorry, just as an example).

And here I have two more options: 
C) To suffer from not smoking and try to force me to forget about that, even though the google system is smarter as we think and will continue to attack me with advertisements, forcing me to buy their subscription.
D) Forget about everything and then start to smoke again. But without the belief, this is not harmful. 

I mean, this is life. People created so much stuff in order to kill themselves very slowly. 

I think that somewhere there is "placebo's effect" involved. People may think something is helpful but it is not. 

Just recently have read the https://www.health.harvard.edu/mental-health/the-power-of-the-placebo-effect article about it. A bit shocked to be honest

P.S. I do not want to offend anybody.