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We're here to help you find a career that's good for you and good for the world. We aggregate the best evidence, analysis and expert opinions to help you make informed career decisions that increase your impact.

If you have any questions or feedback, we're happy to hear from you.


Thanks Tom! We appreciate you testing this out to see what's causing the bug. Knowing that the order of sort + filtering is likely causing the issue should help us figure out how to resolve it. If you spot any other unintended behavior from the job board, definitely let us know. 

Hey Tom, thanks for providing a screenshot and a description of how it occurred. We extensively tested the filters and sorting feature in combination with each other and this bug didn't show in our testing. 

I just attempted to reproduce it and this appears to be a bug for specific edge cases—and even then only rarely occurs when those conditions are met (and can then be fixed by selecting 'Newest' again). 

If this is occurring for you more frequently, every time you select a combination of filters, doesn't change when you click 'Newest'—or anything like that—I'd really appreciate more details to help us address the problem. 

In any case, thanks for letting us know about this. This has been added to our list of updates, fixes, and other changes we'd like to make to future iterations of the job board.  

Hi Tom, 

Thanks for the comment! 

As for sorting, by 'Newest' we mean 'most recently added to the board.' I just used the sorting feature and when set to 'Newest' it correctly orders the jobs that were most recently added first (i.e. jobs added May 10, then May 9, then May 8, and so on). If this is confusing, can you tell us what you expected/what you would change? 

As for locations you can filter by, most of the filters automatically update depending on what jobs are currently listed on the board. That means if there are no in jobs in a certain country or city when you're viewing the board, you won't see the filter for that location, so you won't be able to filter for a location that doesn't currently have any jobs on the board. 

If you know of impactful orgs you think we should watch for jobs in your location, we'd be happy to hear your suggestions. 

Currently we aren't able to send job alerts for the board, but it's a feature we'll definitely explore adding in the future. Thanks for the feedback!  

We do have a salary slider already on the board, so you can filter by salary range for all jobs that have posted salaries. If you have any ideas for improving the salary filtering feature, we'd be happy to hear them! 

Thanks for the feedback! That's an interesting idea, and would be challenging to pull off, but we've added it to the list of potential future features for the board.  

Thanks for asking!

The comparison with Animal Advocacy Careers is simplest - they focus on animal advocacy careers (or animal welfare more broadly).

80,000 Hours indeed have a broader set of cause areas, with significant overlap with ours. That being said, there are several differences. 80K has more roles in longtermist or x-risk focused cause areas, while we focus more on other areas. We already have more jobs in absolute numbers in Global Health & Development - as this is a major area of focus for us and for a large portion of our audience. 

Over time we expect this to be true for more of our already-included cause areas, like climate change, mental health, global aid policy, and others. This is our job board’s first week so it’ll take time. But we already see them as part of our core mission. 

Finally, as we noted in the post - even for roles that already appear on other job boards, we’re hoping having them on the Probably Good website will expose them to our audience, most of which finds us without prior familiarity with 80K or AAC.

In that case, there's currently no way to filter by salary without excluding jobs that don't have posted salaries, but I've added that to the list of features we'd like to add in subsequent versions of the job board. Thanks for the feedback! 

Hey Pat, 

Thanks for the comment! Do you mean you'd like a toggle to "Only show jobs with posted salaries" ? If so, we'll add that to the list of potential features to add. 

In the meantime, you can accomplish the same thing by setting the max (or min) to any number—you'll see it set in the filters bar above the listed jobs—then setting it back to its starting position. Until you clear the salary filter that will show all (and only) the jobs on the board that have posted salaries. 

If you have any other features you'd like, please let us know! 

Hey Jamie, thanks for the comment!

80K and Probably Good have the same goal: get more people into impactful careers. Where we differ is mostly in emphasis and approach. 

At a high level Probably Good differs in a few significant ways:

  • While 80K focuses more on longtermism, x-risk, and AI risk, we aim to provide impact-focused career advice for people in a wide range of high-impact careers, across many cause areas (more cause areas still coming :)).
  • Correspondingly, we aim to give (relatively) more weight to worldview diversification, moral uncertainty, and epistemic uncertainty. This leads us to focus more on information and tools for making career decisions rather than final conclusions.
  • Finally, as you noted - we have a different perspective and tone even when discussing the same issues.

So folks who already strongly endorse longtermism (and even more so 80K's top priority paths) are most likely to find that 80K already pretty much fulfills their needs (and we tend to direct people towards them—not because we don't also support the relevant cause areas, but because they’ve specialized in those areas more).

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