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If anyone is wishing to donate while the remaining matching funds are still available, but are struggling to find more EA-aligned charities to donate to, my page may be of use: https://www.every.org/@rory.tierney

I've tried to find and donate to as many EA-aligned orgs I could, based on the very helpful links in this post. I can't guarantee they are all the most cost-effective  but I think they are all recommended by at least one EA-related organisation (e.g. Open Phil, Founders Pledge) and should be worth donating to while matching still applies.

Edit: note for Players Philanthropy Fund I believe you will want to donate to one of the EA-relevant fundraisers (CEEALAR, ALLFED etc.) rather than the organisation itself.

I don't think this exactly answers your question as it doesn't address self-worth, but for me a great piece of advice I was given was: "put on your own oxygen mask before helping others." Fundamentally, we are only successful when we look after ourselves, and direct our energies to things that we want or can get some enjoyment from, rather than forcing ourselves (in the long-run at least) to do things we don't want to do.