Sam Emerman

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  • Started and led the EA group at the University of Florida for 1.5 years
  • Program Development for the EA Consulting Network
  • July 2023 Incubatee at Charity Entrepreneurship


I'm definitely not close to an expert on any of the topics; in general, the upskilling parts were highly abbreviated and shallow. Even if you don't have any experience to corroborate the importance of the ideas you're sharing, it probably won't be prohibitively difficult to deliver the content as long as you're willing to read up on the topics beforehand. With that being said, I probably wouldn't recommend spending a bunch of time learning stuff you don't think you would personally use (e.g. maybe specific consulting frameworks if you're mostly into STEM-related things). For those cases, my recommendation would be to either cut that content, have an organizer with a more relevant background deliver it, or replace it with content you're better suited to deliver. I would also highly emphasize being flexible and getting feedback from the most important stakeholders: the participants. The whole point is to provide the most value for them, so I'd encourage asking what they're actually excited to learn about and adjusting accordingly.