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I work at the Forecasting Research Institute as a Research Analyst. Emergent Ventures Grantee, currently writing  about social science at Previously worked as Research Manager at Social Change Lab.


When I saw these emojis popping up on EA twitter accounts, I wondered if the Lib Dems had announced some animal welfare policy I hadn't heard about or something.

I am very sceptical about the numbers presented in this article. 22% of US citizens have heard of Effective Altruism? That seems very high. RP did a survey in May 2022 and found that somewhere between 2.6% and 6.7% of the US population had heard of EA. Even then, my intuition was that this seemed high. Even with the FTX stuff it seems extremely unlikely that 22% of Americans have actually heard of EA.

This seems very likely to be a coincidence. This appears to be a freshers fair, where different university societies try to recruit new students at the university. Freshers fairs in the UK (and I would imagine it may be similar in New Zealand) generally have lots of different societies trying to appeal to new students. Societies that have nothing to do with each other often have these stalls set up next to each other, and in this case I think it's very likely that the Palestinian society and the Effective Altruism society stalls were coincidentally next to each other. 

I wrote an FAQ that may be helpful in your application, you can find it here. If you'd like to know anything else about the application process (or want help with anything else, such as having a fresh pair of eyes on your application), feel free to email me at

Thanks for writing this, I found it really interesting.

Thanks so much, awesome that you decided to apply and I’m so happy you enjoy the blog!

If you happened to have read this piece, do you think it's substantive/useful enough for me to post on EA Forum proper (with a few edits) or is it more suitable as a shortform? 

I wrote up a quick FAQ on what the application process is like for Tyler Cowen's Emergent Ventures program. Generally I think more EAs should apply to EV, it's low-cost and a good way to get some money to get a project off the ground, and also a good signal of ability for young EAs.

I think it would be useful to know the percentage of women with depression who we would expect to be depression-free after a six month period without any intervention. 

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