Undergraduate university student in biomedical science. Loves neurodiversity, autism, disability rights and inclusion. Studying biology with special interests in DNA, genes, protein regulation and expression, cancer and autoimmune diseases, cell signalling. 

Hobbies: musicals, animals and pets (especially service dog access rights and biodetection dogs screening for disease)

How others can help me

I am looking for lab based work experience and opportunities in biomedical science research. In particular, cells, DNA and gene expression, protein modelling, bioinformatics and computational biology, autoimmune diseases, cancer development and biorisk pathogen mapping.


I am a pre-university student in upper Sixth Form hoping to gain opportunities in
biomedical sciences to develop technical skills and experience.
Current qualifications
A Levels: Predicted A*AA Pending 2024 Jun
● Biology, Chemistry, Psychology
GCSEs: (9A*) Aug 2022
● Mathematics 8; English Language 9, Biology 9, Chemistry 9, Physics 9, History 9,
Geography 9, Drama 9, English Literature 9


Relevant work experience 2021-23
● Research, lab assistant and educational positions- worked and studied at multiple
universities such as Oxford, Bath, Warwick and others to gain understanding of
biomedical innovations and develop technical skills
● Partook in data analysis, source evaluation and paper critique, as well as wet lab
work including on using microscopy to study cancerous stem cells, cytotoxicity differential
staining, model animal use, preparing stock solutions, antimicrobial agents analysis, and
use of lab equipment
● Completed wet lab projects from scratch on ‘superfood solution effect on E coli agar
plates’, as well as assisting in dry labs projects on cancer biology, immunology, genetics
and antibiotic resistance
● Wrote papers on scientific literature analysis, primary data and research
methodology, gaining valuable biological foundation knowledge
Supercurricular biology education projects 2020-23
● Completed many education projects including lecture series, BrightIdeas, science
research competitions, won scholarships and awards on biology essays
● Cambridge PHD biology tutors program- did weekly small group tuition on cancer
biology with literature review and academic poster design elements
● Wrote and presented posters on TB, diabetes, clinical trials, conservation, medical
access, antibiotic resistance, epigenetics and autoimmune diseases at many universities
and youth conferences
Primary research and independent data analysis- Jan-Dec 2023
● Designed a primary study on ‘Ehlers Danlos syndromes and Myalgic
Encephalomyelitis’ gaining 105 responses with statistically significant findings on new
data trends in healthcare, media and symptoms experiences, conducted ethical reviews
and wrote paper
● Presented this research to a 400 seat lecture theatre at university research conference
and won 1st prize
Science leadership 2020-23

● Continued my role as science mentor and ran BrightScience groups for 5 years as
team leader, and CREST award biology group
● Founded and ran Y11 medical society, and online weekly discussion group on global
health and public health, presented talks on biomedical science
Other skills and activites:
● 2023 Changemaker Fellow: completed ‘save-10-lives’ programs and ‘EA VP’ and ran
handbook calls on multiple different topics such as healthcare inequality, resource
management and vaccine systems. Winner of ‘Explore Fellowship’ through biomedical
● Won 2nd in UK in public speaking at ‘English Speaking Union 2022 public speaking
competition’ on disability access and support, winner of debate and public speaking
competitions on contraception, mental health, social media and others
● Volunteer- tutor for SEND children, Y7 mentor, GP and health volunteering, animal
centres, primary schools, kitchens and language teaching volunteer at weekend school
● Proficiency in Russian (from Ukraine), BSL learner (and founded sign choir for over
250 students), CyberAdvanced, CyberFutures and GCHQ CyberFirst programs
completed for 8 years in computer science and information security- working on
biological overlap, including researching DNA and health data safety, biorisk mapping
and in silico models
● Advocacy roles: science ambassador, disability access to higher education, Unifrog
neurodiversity ambassador, founded and ran program on biology and biomedical science
References available upon request

How I can help others

Discussing Alevel and university options around STEM, science, healthcare, medicine. UCAT/BMAT and personal statement help. Help with biology, chemistry. Help with podcast/essay/article/journal proofreading. Help with discussing EA techniques and ideas, help with discussing animal pet welfare, the role of mental health, biology, disability, autism, neurodiversity. Help with finding work experience or volunteering.

Proofreading, condensing articles/essays, reviews and more.

Founder of EA-Xplore, working on disability and neurodiversity charity and biomed. Participant on Leaf 2023 Changemaker Fellowship, online save 10 lives and choose a degree, and online program mathematics of morality, history to shape history and AI online cohort student volunteer. Completeted online intro to EA program and reading groups. AI and biotechnology programs. 2nd in 2022 ESU public speaking, participant in medical research conference (and 2022 winner 'Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and Chronic fatigue related to connective tissue disorders: symptoms, media representation, education and healthcare analysis'- completed primary study with 300 participants online and presented in conference at medical school undergraduate competition and paper/journal article. Winner of Explore fellowship scholarship in online and in person EA event. 


How useful is pre university student collations of research papers in biorisk?

I've been working on some papers (for fun) collating research in the biosafety field, but obviously have no experience/degrees and it is secondary analysis- how useful would posting these 'rough' papers be helpful. They mainly focus on antibiotic resistance, biosafety and pandemic risk from gain of function research?

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I'm personally very grateful to Leaf and other opportunities. I'd say the most useful aspects for me came from: A low barrier to entry e.g. online courses funnelling into residential, easily accessible resources for first impressions, no cost

A culture of disagreement, the ability to critically evaluate how we perceived a source or data and what WE thought of it, despite being very young and inexperienced compared to facilitators

Ongoing mentorship which specifically helped me find work experience, volunteering opportunities related to biorisk and biosafety such as lab projects, positions in teams, research ideas

Network of peers and faciliators and guests who can star on podcasts, proofread articles or essays or papers on biorisk or recommend competitions, olympiad etc

And less of a priority but useful:

University degree interview and subject specific personal statement help (especially since i had a large pivot that needed rewriting my application)

Fun community e.g. ethical and philosophical debates, just people my age who enjoy learning and are curious as to how to help others

Events that led to positive feelings e.g. at the residential we did BSL sessions, had student groups, mental health sessions, book clubs, debates, escape rooms etc, which is not EA specific or academic but allowed us to break the barriers to later have more open and honest conversations, and rather than a one off, I made some very strong connections who I'm in contact with over 12 months later either through daily messages with peers I met or weekly/monthly calls/emails for mentorship or help... so it's a 2 way street that was strengthened by being in one place at the same time and encouraged to mingle...