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Interesting. The press release defines the board's governance mission as "ensure that artificial general intelligence benefits all humanity," and then asserts that Sam hindered that mission.

I suppose one could interpret that as a shift towards greater caution and governance in the name of AI safety, or a shift towards greater speed/open-sourcing if the board views their mission through a lens of accelerationism and accessibility. 

Or something entirely different... we're digging into talmudic nuance here, and all of these are near-wild guesses.

It could be noteworthy that they chose to highlight Mira's governance experience. 

The latter part of the press release (not quoted above, but visible in the original here) also points out that the majority of board members hold no OpenAI equity, which could be a nod towards this being a move that sacrifices profitability for the sake of the mission. Again though, only a guess, and even if true it would still leave open the question of how the board is interpreting the mission.

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