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Yes, good question.

The best I can offer is...

  • Our Google Reviews page. It's not anonymous but we can't control who reviews us or what they say
  • On several of our coaching programmes we ask clients when they start and 12 months later how various metrics like revenue, profit, number of employees, hours worked etc. have changed. I did a bit of analysis on those numbers a while back here. Admittedly, it's still a marketing piece though.

Not exactly what you were asking for but I hope that's some help.

Thanks so much Aaron!

I'm not sure if the newsletter has already gone out but we've received some great applications already.

I was imagining non-profits but I guess if there are people where the product or service they're working on is something clearly EA driven and a for-profit model is actually the best way to do that - I'd be keen to hear from them.

If you're unsure and you've got 5mins to fill in the application form, I'd encourage you to go for it.