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Thanks for such an elaborate response! 

This kind of info is helpful to slowly get more mature in this space. 

Thanks for that, Steve! Interesting to skim over. It seems rather outdated and sketchy, the funding and charity situation in EA has changed dramatically since 2016. But you were probably aware of that yourself. Do you have any idea whether the number is actually used and therefore influential for individuals choices, or is it just a interesting number floating around? Depending on that you might want to consider to update the calculations. 

What other incubation programme do you think is second best after CE, in case you are entrepreneurial and EA minded? In case there is really no one anywhere near, what would be arguments for and against the existence of another CE?

I have heard of the $200k E2G threshold you use to quantify impact or help people choose among different career paths. Where can I read more about how this figure is estimated?

What about Rutger Bregman, Dutch Historian and best selling author of 'HumanKind'. For EA interview see here